Thursday, January 27, 2011

i wish i could play this for him 24hours a day

the hubs comes home from work, goes to the kids open house, lets me get some work done in silence.. im sure he is beat..

the he comes up behind me hands me an "US WEEKLY" (my favorite thing to unwind) and a piece of coconut cream pie.. and says i love you hunnie.. i just want things to be easy for you..

seriously.. he is amazing i adore him..
this song totally describes everything i want to say to him!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

does anyone know how to bottle this up..

i just want to keep her like this forever...

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cheap cheap vday decor...

so i wanted some valentines decorations.. but not that "kitchy" stuff you see in the stores.. but i had to do it on the tinest budget EVER... well basically bc there was no money allowed to even have a budget...

so i search and search the internet for ideas... and then search and look in closets in the house to see what i can make things out of..

and well...
I DID IT!!!!

made some of my own printables and framed them

i took a pizza box.. cut a heart out of it.. found some ribbon left over from moo's bedroom project 2 years ago.. viola..
a gorgeous little heart

a little left over xmas scrapbooking paper..
and what do you know.. its my favorite thing

took some wrapping paper... from target's xmas 90% clearance.. and wrapped my large canvas and then inlayed it in the glass of my tv unit..

went to garden ridge.. and holy amazing christmas clearance.. i found this strand of beads for .29 and this red ornament for .10... viola.. a made over chandelier!

and then.. lucky me.. as im decorating.. my bff comes over and makes it my favorite day ever... she came in hand with a caribou coffee.. some cookies.. and then ups man came and delivered me the most gorgeous new.. BUT FREE canvas ever!!!

all and all.. it was kind of a FAB day!
the simple little things in life that make life a lil bit happier

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

can i do a pathetic pleade...

would you be a doll..
and please vote for Miss Moo..


Thursday, January 13, 2011


go back 11 years on valentines day...
my parents, sisters and family wanted nothing to do with me..
they were disappointed to the highest degree..

well i was 19 adam was 17 and i was pregnant..

we were sad.. not disappointed.. but i was still a teen.. having the time of my life.. with some great friends.. i didn't want that all to end.. but i did not hang with the best crowd.. and it had to end..

i knew that there were friends that i spent some very emotional times with and i knew that no matter what we would be friends...

we drifted.. we grew up FAST.. very fast..
it was a hard pregnancy.. hard long 9 months trying to get adam to graduate.. hard time figuring out how life would pan out.. but one thing we always knew was we would be together and we would make it work and make it work out better than anyone else could...

fast forward.. to today 1/13/2011
i was just told the BEST thing adam and i could have ever done was getting pregnant..

well yea.. i could have told you that...
wanna know why that was said...

well try having 3 friends in less than 7months be buried..
they never grew up..
that never had the opportunity to grow and feel a love as grand as i felt..
makes me so sad..

but at the same time...
i am so thankful for everything i have and everything my husband and i have done..

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

how do i explain it... i just LOVE, love...

i love everything about love...
i love being in love
i love loving others
i love the way people act when they are in love
i love seeing siblings love eachother
i love to see a child show their love to their parent with a hug
i love to show others i love them

i just love LOVE!!!!

valentines day is my most favorite holiday EVER!!!!
tomorrow i will be decorating so i will post some pictures
but in the meantime..
a few of my favorites pictures

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Monday, January 10, 2011

10 months to plan... i dont think i can do this

oh my word.. 10months... 10 months... 10months to plan one kick a** party...
on 11/11/11 adam and i will be celebrating our 11 year anniversary..

we want to throw one amazing party.. but a party on a budget but an amazing party.. complete with great band.. great friends.. some amazing decor... and even better memories...

this is my dream... will it happen.. prob not.. would i love for it to happen.. YES... YES... YES..

so any ideas.. please help me figure a way to make my dream come true..

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just when you think...

you start thinking.. wow. D is doing so great.. i am so proud.. wow huge strides have come his way...

one lil thing.. comes up.. and you see wow... that affected him so differently than any other child... and you sit back and remember wow i do have to take things slightly different.. i will always have to remember that.. and its so hard to remind myself sometimes... i feel like i give in.. so then i am a little harder on him than i should be... i turn around and see how it affects him and my heart melts..

he is taking allot of things personally.. say a friend was supposed to come over.. we set the date.. dylan starts asking from the moment he wakes up.. the friend never comes over or calls or answers the phone.. dylan then proceeds to come up with why its his fault.. and how terrible of a person he is and then becomes self violent...

how to you avoid that... its the hardest thing to see my baby take such a negative approach with himself...

school is starting today after a 3 week break.. i hope it helps him a little.. he has been so down..

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Friday, January 7, 2011

everyone has picture..

and everyone likes something free..
FREE 8x8 book from shutterfly!
enter code: 9BFC-EDWF-3WJ0-0PMHM6

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

want a chance to win this adorable set...

do you have facebook? if so.. go over here to "my own threads clothing"  LIKE them.. and tell them Sam. P. sent you.. and you will be put into a drawing.. how freakin adorable.. the PERFECT valentine's outfit!!!

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freebies...calendars... love them

my favorite monthly downloadable desktop calendars by leelou blogs

and free printable calendars by tomkat studios

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a very important message while heading into the new year...

Let me first say... Happy New Year..

Secondly I wanted to bring attention to an important cause in my life. Last year I started an organization to help children with neurological disorders.. these disorders can range anywhere from downs syndrome, autism, tourettes, epilepsy, huntingtons disease, brain tumors and many others.

As we all know medical care is hard to get let alone it is very expensive.. tons of care equipment and medical bills are not covered by insurance. Which is where the organization comes into play.

Last year we honored 7 amazing young men all with autism. This year we are cutting the numbers down to help them greater... we are choosing 5 children. We are currently accepting nomination letters. Letters are to be a max of 500 words and must include the childs name, disorder, why they deserve to be chosen along with a contact number and email address of the parents of the nominee. Letters must be turned in by Feb. 1st 2011.

If you are also interested in becoming part of the team that will help organize this years event please feel free to email me also.
We are always in desperate need of donations for the raffles and silent auctions.

If you would like to see more of what we did last year please visit the website:

and also please "like" us on facebook:!/pages/Celebrating-Neuro-Diversity/129670580429404

Thank you so much for your time... and I hope that you can pass this letter around so we can open up the eyes and hearts of others!

Sam Provenzano

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Everything

from my family to yours!

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

cookie party

some of our oldest friends came over for a mommy & daughter cookie decorating party
we premade some cookies and frosting and let the girls go at it..

i even let them get a sneak peak at the cake ball recipe and technique
it was a great time to spend with my girls and our friends
i think we found a christmas tradtion the perfect way to start the season!


Friday, December 17, 2010

lucky me again

this year i was so lucky to stick to my guns and do more of these little hero's pictures..
ryan is a special one...

reminds me of my dylan..
his mom and i were friends in high school
we lost touch and found eachother again
we started talking and had so much in common
then we find out we have blondies the same age..
as time goes on we find out that our lil men not only look alike
they both have autism...

my heart broke as she told me the news.. but i knew all would be ok..
and thankfully our paths crossed and i was able to meet mr. ryan..
and even though supposedly he didn't like to have his picture taken (wink wink)
he did an amazing job!!!

so please sit back.. turn those speakers on and meet ryan!

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