Saturday, September 13, 2008

the best way to spend the weekend

with a flooded basement
and with no stop in rain for the next 2 days
i told D he could go swimming
he was all excited he ran and got his bathing suit along with his brandnew lighting mcqueen rainboots

but i had to break the news that i was just kidding

so being the pushover i let him put his boots on and wade in the nasty water in the basement

is that super gross or what
now time to sanitize him from head to toe in the bath


Friday, September 12, 2008

the world to all of us is a little brighter these days...

well.. everyone at once..

life is GREAT.. ok well aside from all of us being sick and myself and the kids not sleeping. i could really care less about any of that...

school is amazing for the kids.. sierra adores her new teacher and has started a young artist program every tuesday she will be starting brownies shortly and hip hop (its allot im hoping it doesnt take a negative affect by making her too tired).. dylan.. oh my lord.. i will give you some great 411.. IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT KID (story coming up soon) and well marley.. she is just coming out of her shell by leaps and bounds since being able to be alone with mommy and daddy during the day.. her vocabulary is already starting to grow since she doesn't have a sister and brother there talking for her...

so onto a quick story about D... yesterday we were driving in the car.. and we go down 2 blocks from our house and he says "hey we come her on the bus and pick up my friend josh" ok HELLO nice way to put together a great sentence.. and awesome memory kid! then we are driving some more.. and he goes hey mom look at me and he starts singing this song "HELLO.. HELLO" and starts waving his arm... he says "yea my teacher teach me my new favorite song!"

out of shock and just completely blown away.. i said "OH MY... WHO IN THE WORLD ARE YOU?!?!" and he looks at me and says very sternly "DYLAN ZANO"

so yea.. lets just say i am happier than i have been in a long time!

let me get a WOOHOO!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Marley Ann 2.0

turn your speakers on its marley's birthday music video


remember... honor..

i still do..
and always will.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


no words :(


been a while..

can you believe it is SEPTEMBER 3rd.. where in the world does time fly??

well school started last monday.. forgot to add pictures so i will do that..

Sierra ADORES school and is so happy she has the new teacher.. she said she didn't know a teacher is allowed to be "THAT COOL"

Dylan is doing well.. loves getting up and dressed for school all by himself.. and loves waiting for the bus! such the big boy now!

and well.. marley is eating up every second of alone time with mommy and daddy..

here are some quick snapshots of the first day of school