Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone is going to enjoy the beautiful weekend, remember those that have protected and served us.. and welcome summer with a smile!


Friday, May 22, 2009

well its beginning to look like something i can actually enjoy

yes my backyard overhaul is coming close to an end...

so we all remember this scary monstrosity.. correct?!? if not i will remind you.. try not to get to scared

well... 3 days straight of some horrid backbreaking work.. and this happened

and well now let the fun begin... time to decorate... im totally going out of my element of neutrals and going for a color, fun, whimsy eclectic look..
so here's your sneak..


Thursday, May 21, 2009

update on the adam-ski..

all is well.. cleaned and stitched..
funny how the bite doesn't hurt as much as the tetnus shot he said...

its starting to get some nasty colors too it.. but hey im happy it could have been a ton worse..

thanks for all of the thoughts and concern.. you people are awesome!

btw... is everyone else overjoyed that kris allen won... i mean adam is amazing.. but amazing at the one thing he does.. he's very showey (is that a word) but im a laid back music girl.. i love jack johnson, jason mraz, john mayer, josh kelly.. and now i can see myself being a kris allen type of girl

oh and it doesn't hurt that he just about stole my heart when he broke down in his wifes arms.. i love a good hubby!!!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

oh summer how i love thee!

sorry its been a long week
and i have not been by the computer

do you blame me... this weather in unreal.. i LOVE it!!!
I really should get back to blogging.. bc there are some great things out there that I would love to talk about..

so maybe this post will making me come back..

here are some nature "pretties" i have taken while outside enjoying the sun..
i am thinking of offering these in an etsy shop.. but not sure if the need or want is out there.. thoughts anyone?

I know im blowing some of the tulips up for a bathroom makeover in my house!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

calling all designers.. I NEED HELP

the "master" bedroom (if you can call it that) is always the last on my priority list.. but i think its time that i get it done... i finally found bedding that adam agrees to and actually loves.

so now what.. what color walls? what color should i paint the bed? should i make a huge headboard? if so with what..

i know the bedding is more modern but i would also like to approach it with some vintage flair.. can someone lead me in the right direction..

im seriously confused.. we are in need of new dressers and bedside tables too.. so lets just say its a complete overhaul

but just remember its probally in a room smaller than your children's bedroom.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

dont be frightened!

well... maybe you should because I am...
warning.. this mess is quiet scary!! not for the faint at heart

:WARNING: this is after 3weeks straight of cleanup!

this is where i have been spending all of my life lately..
anyone wanna help a girl out and give me some ideas on what to do..
seems like the previous owners just dumped all of their trash in the backyard and left it... i have been pulling out laundry detergent, plastic bags, old broken toys.. you name it.. its there.. and now i have a bunny nest in the planter.. so i dont want to dig out the lily's but i think im going to have to. I have taken down the majority of the dead weed wines but not im at a standstill and do not know which direction to go next.



sorry ive been MIA.. ive been working on my garden

well ok.. TRYING... lets just say i have complained about it before..
but man alive it is hard work

but my goal is to do it all for free!!


i will take pics and do a post about frugal gardening! its such a great idea.. do not know why i never thought of it before i moved here..

lets just say.. look over all of your friends and families gardens this week... and i will be back and we shall discuss more!


freebie wednesday is what it seems

who can pass up a good deal..

here's some freebies just for today..

get a free 8x10 at walgreens using code "MOTHER" only good today..

then stop by arby's and get your FREE iced tea but here's the kicker you must say "IM PARCHED FRUIT TEA ME!" hahahah who in the world talks like that.. i wonder how many workers will be laughing behind the counters at all the weirdos saying IM PARCHED!

and before you get home stop and pick up your free dinner from KFC but first you must print this coupon... AS SEEN ON OPRAH.. but act quick all of these end today!