Saturday, January 30, 2010

a christmas present turned.. feel better gift

well i was too sick over christmas to finish all of my kids gifts... i finally got sierra and dylan's done.. however poor moo didn't have anything but thankfully she is still to young to understand..

i had it in my mind that i would give it to her for valentine's day..
well lil miss has been sick for a week.. so big brother and i decided to make her a "feel better" gift..

we started off with a free OLD nightstand.. and made her a mini-kitchen..
not only did i decide to do this so that it would be a frugal gift (i think maybe $8.00 worth of materials) but IT MATCHES HER ROOM...

come on now.. you think i would put some tacky colored plastic kitchen in her very well coordinated room.. I THINK NOT... thats my downfall... if it doesn't match it cannot go in your room..

well i think she loves it.. poor thing tried to smile.. but coughed instead and went back to laying on the couch... i will update more pictures once i finish her room

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Friday, January 29, 2010

nothing says i love you like

a little homemade package of yummieness

so i needed to get out of this funk i am in...
so what do i need to do.. bake!!

how freakin cute are these

your favorite pie crust
rasberry jam (or any kind of jam you like)
powder sugar
regular sugar (optional)
small bowl of water

pre-heat over to 425
flour your work surface
roll out your dough

cut out heart shape place on pan

place 1tsp of jam filling onto heart

put a small amount of water on the outside lip of the bottom heart
place the top heart on..
use fork to pinch together
(optional if you choose not to use powder sugar slightly dampen top heart with water and sprinkle with sugar)
cook for 8-9minutes
place on cooling rack and sprinkle with powder sugar..

can't get much easier!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

zoe... has made it home with a new set of wings

some of my followers will remember zoe... I met her in early 2008 here is her story.. she wasn't supposed to make it few days.. let alone.. almost 2 years... zoe bless you and thank you.. for all that you have given and taught to all of us... i have not many words.. as there are too many and i cannot pick the right ones to say...

This is Baby Zoe and her amazing family.. I was given the honor of being able to walk into the front door of the Batiansila household.. and experiencing something wonderful... so very hard to explain.. but amazing at that. Zoe has trisomy18.. her story can be followed on her family blog

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


this is a labor of love.. but something i am very passionate about..
click HERE for more information

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

blasphamey i tell ya...

on april 3, 2010...
you will have the only chance to win a session with me. i am coming out of retirment for one special event... more 411 to follow... but all of my clients.. you begged and one day i am coming out...

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Friday, January 15, 2010

in 3 months

something big and very exciting will be happening.. i am so excited to finally get this a rolling.. its been in my mind for over a year.. but now i can do this!!!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010


are you at a loss... do you feel completely helpless...

i know i am.. i have many friends that have family and friends in haiti and the unknown... i cannot imagine..

i know the US is not sending actual volunteers down their yet relying on the local aid and donating the money to help in their aides and help there


what can we do to help?!?!
-You can text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross relief for Haiti.

something so little can make such an impact.. there are too many still left with the feelings of unknown, medical supplies, clean water, proper burials for those who fell victim, and then the rebuilding process...

please do something as little as a fast text..

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the most amazing

short film over..

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Friday, January 8, 2010


if you got any spare positive vibes, prayers, wishes.. anything please send them our way... we need them today and in the following week!!!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

thanks mr. weatherman

its looking like its going to be a STAY IN NIGHT for the next few nights with all of this cold...

so why not go and get yourself a movie..
and why not a FREE movie to boot..

here are some free coupon codes for REDBOX
Get a free rental at The Redbox with these codes:

SNSV25 – good anywhere

DVDATWAG – only good at Walgreens

– good anywhere

Remember these codes are limit 1 per credit card. Movies are due by 9 pm the following day to avoid having to pay an additional $1 to rent the movie another 24 hours.

Go here to find a Redbox near you.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

so how many pictures did YOU take this holiday season?

well if you are like me.. i unfortunately did not take ANY :(
it makes me so sad.. but i was so sick and the camera doesn't work from the bed. but if you were like me in the past.. you took SOOOOOO many and just have them all on your computer still. well its a new year.. get your tush to the computer and start uploading and printing them... and you have no excuse.. here is a list of sites for FREE pictures..

Here are more than a few places you can find them:

* Arts Cow gives new members 100 4×6s and 50 5×7s FREE every month!

* Shutterfly offers 50 4×6 prints FREE when you register, and they also have options for you to view and share your albums with family and friends online.

* Winkflash will send you 50 4×6 prints FREE with just $0.99 shipping. Use coupon code WF95WF27 at checkout.

* is offering their members 50 4×6 prints for 50 pennies until January 7, 2010 when you use coupon code NEWYEAR50.

* CVS Photo is offering their new members 50 4×6 prints FREE, and you can forgo shipping by picking them up at your local CVS.

* Kodak Gallery is presently offering 50 4×6 prints FREE when you register.

* SeeHere will send you 100 4×6 prints FREE when you enter promo code prints at the register.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

medical vent time... need advice

so what comes with a new job? great opportunity and great perfect new hours.. but insurance issues. we are switching from an ppo to an hmo and that is making it all the more difficult... they said after 90days you are eligible for insurance.. well lucky us.. 90days came and went but open enrollment was closed till the first of the year. insurance cards were to be in our hands before the first and start on the 1st... well its now the 5th and no insurance cards... and the HR person at his job is on vacation... so that leave us without insurance still... usually not that big of a deal..


dylan is set to have a neurologist appointment on friday that usually takes 3months to get into his doctor... sure no biggie lets wait and pray for friday they will be here.. WRONG..

we have to get a referral from his pediatrician... who accepts HMO but only certain group #'s... which we do not have access to bc of the NO cards and the NO HR...

so i call to reschedule and the next appointment opening isn't till FEB 19th...
do i just reschedule that... or what?!?!?

i need some guidance and some help... UGH...

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Monday, January 4, 2010

s'getti day party

with the kids back in school... no work for me... and having fun being a mom again... i decided what better way to celebrate "National Spaghetti Day" than with a good old fashion party!

we picked out our pasta and the kids made decorations

daddy came home and the grub was ready for an eating..

dylan couldn't quiet get the noodles in his mouth today.. which had sierra on the floor laughing

but c'mon now it would not be a party without CAKE

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make a difference for a sick child by supporting Chris

this is a guest post from a dear friend Ev. I met Ev and her beautiful family last year in February where i was welcomed into their home and did a "littlest heros project" shoot for them. here is her story.. please take the time to learn about something you have not and if you can please support Chris and his goal at the disney marathon

Our daughter Allison was diagnosed at 9 ½ weeks old with Acute Lymphocitic Leukemia (ALL) and bravely fought cancer for months, enduring endless chemo, radiation and a stem cell transplant. All of her treatment was completed by the summer and we were so fortunate have a wonderful, normal summer with our daughter. We feel so blessed to have an entire summer without treatment or hospital stays. Allison was able to have a summer filled with sprinklers, sunshine & ice cream. The horrible cancer returned by fall and we lost our sweet Allison on her first birthday.

What we appreciate about Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall camps is that kids who are fighting cancer don’t get to do many “normal” things while undergoing treatment--and the camp offers an opportunity to do just that! My husband Chris is running the Disney Marathon this weekend in honor of Allison, on Team Hole in the Wall.

Please join us in supporting such an amazing origination, where the best gift you can give a child going through such a tough road, is the opportunity to be just a kid!

Thank you!
Chris, Evelyn and Mackenzie Meade

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happy national spaghetti day

so did i solve your dinner dilemma?
we are having a pasta party at home tonight.. complete with happy spaghetti cake and we are going to attempt to make fondant spaghetti... oh lord help me or wish me tons of luck...

but if all else fails i guess i can use this coupon... you can too.. great deal...

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results of the ronald mcdonald house wishlist drive

so of you may remember those of you who are new to my blog may not. Back in the fall my family and I hosted a wishlist drive for the Ronald McDonald House of Chicago next to Childrens Memorial Hospital. with donations in general to the house down due to the economy.. i know this was the perfect charity for this year. and boy were we right...

family, friends, strangers, coworkers.. soooooo many people came through to help this amazing place. when we arrived we were not sure exactly what we would encounter... we walk into their food pantry and all that was in there were some old dried goods and few rolls of paper towels. by the time my husband emptied out the van.. the food pantry was overflowed and people were coming up to us left and right asking how we did this... and my answer "we know some pretty amazing people"

not only was our goal to do the drive.. but we wanted to cook a thanksgiving dinner for them as well...unfortunately all of our helpers came down with the flu (tis the season) and it was just me and the hubster.. but we did not let that get in our way... instead of thanksgiving we catered portilios and made some side salads and stuff.. which was still quiet the time consuming task figuring it was the 2 of us getting everything ready for 30+ people at dinner time.

we had some great donations for the dinner too... the amazing Richelle Minor of "My Rich Creations" came through once again with an AMAZING cake for the families to lift their spirits all of them were oohing and ahhing over it and could not believe that in words of one of the moms "you did this just because?!? i cant thank you enough"

another wonderful donation was given by Banger Bake Shop she donated 40 cupcakes in a jar for the house members, staff, volunteers so they could have a sweet treat throughout the days.

sorry for the lack of pictures it was initially my goal to capture everything.. but within an hour of getting to the house and starting the food.. their was a leak in the ceiling... and it was the night before thanksgiving the maintance staff went home early.. thankfully my husband is a mechanic.. and he spent some time with the house manager trying to fix and clean up the mess... so needless to say cooking, cleaning and photography all could not happen at once.

once again i want to personally thank all of the people who helped, donated and went above and beyond! i am sooooooo lucky to know so many amazing people!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

we all like something free

here is a great free desktop theme thanks to LeeLou Blogs

Click here to download and then install it as your desktop wallpaper

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small master bedroom redo on a $50.00 budget

finally after 9months of being here.. i decided it was time to redo our "master" bedroom. with my quitting work my budget was even tighter than normal, but that is the fun of it.. for a few months my friend and i went junkin on sunday nights and hitting goodwill.

we found so many amazing things it was crazy...
*street finds FREE:

*ikea as is section:
-headboard (it is actually 2 large cabinet doors screwed together and put on my
old bed) $18.00
-bedside table $4.00
-drape rod and hooks $1.99
-frame $1.00
-silver tray $.50
-under bed storage $5.99

-pottery barn linen drape (I cut in half and made 2 dummie panels)$3.99
-NIP black/cream gingham napkins (i sewed together and made 2 throw pillows)
-3 pottery barn brushed nickle candle stick $9.99
-pottery barn brushed nickle vase $1.99
-cute little flower decor $1.99
-brass standing lamp that i spray painted to a brush nickle $4.99

*garage sale
-white queen size NEW white comforter $5.00

everything else i already had in other rooms (vintage suitcases, sheets, spray paint)i spent a few dollars and a few hours and painted the stripes and when all was said and done suprised my husband for our anniversary.

finally an adult room COMPLETE with our wedding picture and not a college dorm room with only a bed and a broken dresser.

what do you think?

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not too late

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late review - marley's 3rd bday extravaganza

my baby turned 3 and it was her "golden birthday" so what is an overzelous momma to do... well spend 3months planning, designing, eat, sleep a massive birthday party for her. complete with a sweet shoppe, singer and amazing cake... click on the pictures to enlarge. for those of you in the illinois area.. i cannot recommend the following 2 people more.. MINDY HESTER and RICHELLE MINOR... both are amazing people, are passionate about their work and ROCK it!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

new year... new goals.. new me...

never have i set a goal with new years.. but i figured what a better way for a clean sheet this year. my life is changing... and this is my way of keeping with it...
so here is our family goals:

*game night wednesday
*childrens museum atleast 1x/month
*library atleast 2x's/month
*start dance/sport/music class
*everyone cleans house from 8:30am - 9:30am on saturday mornings
*mom/dad date night atleast 1x/month

my personal goals
*to get healthy.. and not necessarily weight wise... i have been physically sick more in 2009 than i can ever remember, I was violently ill over christmas break and that was the final straw I was unable to have christmas with my family and it just broke my heart.. and i vowed to them if i can ever prevent that again i will
*get back to basics.. the basics of my love.. my family, my arts, finding me
*start preparing to homeschool miss marley moo for preschool
*be the best wife/mom ever

i think all of those are very doable.. so if you have any tips to help me along the way.. please start posting and help a girl out..

sidenote.. totally missed showing all of my kids birthday pictures.. i will be sure to recap all of those maybe midweek... im still trying to figure out this blog.. wish me luck on that!


please excuse the dust

as part of my new years resolution i am back to blogging.. however i am trying a new layout and cannot quiet grasp it... so please be patient! :)

but it feels good to be back.