Friday, October 1, 2010

wanna know another secret... well this is for the kids

the latest coolest thing to have.. are these customized pieces by: stacey m designs she can customiz and make notecards, stationary, christmas cards, placemats, chore charts.. and my favorite.. SCHOOL MONEY ENVELOPES

once again... LUCKY ME.. because she is a local artists.. but I dont have to be the only lucky one anymore.. she is online HERE and is in a few boutiques around the US... take a look... get some great holiday gift.. what kid doesn't love things personalized it makes it feel even more special!!

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i have to tell you a new secret of mine...

i have found a new love..
and her name is hazel brown...

don't believe me???

have you seen this stuff

her clothing.. her handbags.. are all TO DIE FOR.. she is a local mom in my town.. how lucky am i?!!? BUT you can order online she has an amazing website and etsy shop that you can purchase from..

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marley's minnie mouse birthday

 so i finally have a free minute...
life has been chaotic but in a great way.. keeping busy never hurt anyone..
in the meantime.. it was moo's 4th bday... and we had a minnie 
mouse blowout.. she was sick.. booooooooo
but i hope she enjoyed it

i did minnie mouse cake pops.. a la bakerella.. however i tripped and broke 36 of them on the ground the night before.. i had minnie & mickey cookie favors.. a candy bar.. and tons of other little details..