Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a very proud mommy moment

dylans artwork is displayed on the ASA's website

Austism Society of America

Its "Dylan's Artwork" next to the trex!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

pins and needles

so i entered..both marley and myself into a photographer/model search for a top boutique...

i was asked to enter even more pictures.. and was showered with compliments..

tomorrow we find out if she will be nationally known with this boutique... yowzers!! why am i so nervous!


must be because i am a dork


Monday, July 28, 2008

per 5million requests...

here is a picture of my tattoo.. its healing so please excuse the gross crustyness of it.. and bad angel that was you get for asking an 8yr old to take it at 10pm


as promised.. pictures

here are some.. ok a ton of pictures from glencoe beach


sorry.. slacking in life, work and blog..

tisk tisk me..

well here let me update everyone as much as I can.. im trying to backtrack but allot of stuff is a blur..

Wed.. MRI day.. or as I like to call it a day I hope I will never have to redo again.. from the minute he saw the hospital he knew it was not "RIGHT"..
lets just say the hospital had no clue how to deal with A.) any child B.) let alone my dylan who has the strength of 10 football players when he is not happy

summary.. had to double his dose of meds to sedate him.. he still was not "out" all the way.. when they carried him over the mri machine he woke up when they laid him down and got all stiff.. it took me another 5min to get him back to sleep by patting him on the back and rubbing him... test took place.. went fine.. i was in there the whole time.. they assured me he would wake up 15min later in the recovery room bc they gave him such a high dose.... ready for the doozy

the tech... presses the button to get him out of the machine.. guess who wakes up... DING DING DING.. completely in a drug induced daze still screams bloody murder.. still strapped down.. flailing all his limbs.. manages to get his arms out.. the HUGE male TECH and myself are trying to hold him down so that the nurse can unstrap him and take the IV out.. well... he got his arm out and ripped the IV out (which the did not cover with a cup bc he was sedated) so i try to hold him as he wants nothing to do with the docs/nurses/techs.. nothing would calm him.. he was basically in a drunk stooper and nothing would help.. we take him out of the radiology room..

and lets say.. not the most joyous of occasions when you are trying to hold a 4yr old down to call him in the middle of northwesterns main cooridors.. everyone and their mother was starring at us.. and making comments.. it was about the ruddest thing i have ever managed to see.. adam was fed up when one woman said "oh my what a bad boy" and said some not so nice stuff..

we went home.. not a fun ride.. and finally he slept most of the day.. they we had some pizza and cake for daddy's bday..


we had to cancel Dylans EEG... we could not get him sleep deprived..


took the kids swimming.. kids fought... went to my moms she babysat all 3 so adam and i could go and visit some old friends..

but before we went i went and got a TATTOO ...

didn't see that one coming did you? I will take a picture of have sierra do it today.. I got a puzzle piece on my right wrist.. its the "autism awareness symbol" it hurt like a BLEEP BLEEP.. but all i kept saying D went through so much pain this week that I could put up with 15min of a little pain

came home adam passed out.. marley would not sleep neither would D so i stayed up


had a photoshoot up in mchenry... then came home and took a crash nap since i never did get to sleep... and then we had a sitter (can you believe it 2nights with a sitter never EVER do we EVER go out so this is MAJOR mark on the calendars) we went over to a bbq with some new friends.. and had a pretty good time..

came home.. another sleepless night (not sure how many of you know this.. but the 2 younger ones average about 3-4hrs of sleep a night.. and only will do it on my lap)


MIGRANE... dont want to wake.. MIGRANE... kids screaming all day while just trying to shut my eyes... had a photoshoot at glencoe beach.. got there early to take pictures of my kids and their cousins.. eh.. i got a few maybe 5shots.. but better than nothing.. did my shoot.. kids swam.. had a great time... stop for mexican on the way home.. and guess what.. dylan slept through the night.. but not marley... so


no sleep again for me.. Dylan has a 102 fever.. marley is cranky sierra woke up yelling.. ADAM started his job this morning... you tell me how the rest of the week will pan out?!?!

BTW i totally have to post some new pictures ive been harassing my kids with the camera bc i have neglected them for so long :D

yup im an evil picture taking mom!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


to dylan's mri.. wish us luck

oh also btw.. its adam's 26th birthday.. can u believe he is on the other side of 20 now... im sure not the way he wants to spend his birthday at the hospital but he will do anything for his babies!

ill update later!


Saturday, July 12, 2008


if i am just not myself these days..
it's weird for me to post this
since usually i hold up pretty well with pressure and stress

but man lately i have hit my breaking point
my heart is being torn watching my little guy struggle these past few weeks
kinda puts me in a slight depression

something i am working so hard to come out of...
i put on a false face
but on the inside..
all i think about is...

so really i apologize.. i just hope the help we are getting him can come sooner than later! he is just so sad these days.. its not my lil man... can you imagine if its this hard for his momma.. how hard it must be on him

here is a picture of him on the 4th of july.. doing the one thing he can do for hours on end if i allowed it.. he rides his bike up and down the drive way repeatatively without even looking up these days... hey if it makes him content than i am happy to oblige!


3/4 the way done on adam's tattoo journey..

so it started out last year as a saying on the side of his arm "us vs the world" something he has always said to me, since we were super young parents.. and it has always stuck.. he writes it in all my cards... next he went for the koi fish.. why bc it stands for strength and persaverance... something which this man totally is! next... it was time to finish up the other half of sleeve... he wanted to do something to represent the family.... so we sat for many restless nights trying to figure it out... he has a japanese theme going on.. i wrecked my brain for I cannot tell you how long... we came up with 2 large cherry blossoms to represent the 2 of us... 3 small blossoms to represent each one of our kids.. and then 2 falling petals for the 2 babies that we lost.

a month passed and adam wanted to finish his sleeve... he was given the opportunity to do it at a tattoo expo which he did not want to turn down. they wanted to enter it into the contest. so once again the wrecking of the brain.. what can we do... adam had already had "man, marriage, father" in kangi symbols since he was 20... so something again with a japanese flair...

he thought of tigers, dragon... and said i just dont want your "basic" japanese symbol... so I said what about a geisha... i know support the prostitute everyone said to me... but I think there is a classic beauty to the way they look. so a geisha it was... his tattoo guy Beto from Rising Pheonix/Monkey Pro Ink.. is amazing he drew it all up and started. it was an 8hour journey.. something Adam said he will never do again (8hrs straight that is) but he did such an amazing job! so of course while there.. they all started thinking about how to finish it all up... so looks like in another month.. he will be getting a japanese house a sunset and some more water!

here are some pictures just so you can see... but it really truly is an amazing piece of art.. i know its not for everyone but.. he loves it.. i love it.. and really thats all that matters.. its personal and represents all of us.. and to me thats amazing that a man is willing to do that!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

not sure i showed this

"my dad's tattoos are cooler than your dad's"

i had these made for adam for fathers day... the flowers/waves/seaweed are actual pictures of his tattoos.. since the flowers represent each child... i had a fabu woman "artladymanor" on zazzle.. take the picture and cut it out and put it on the shirts..

they look great.. kids love wearing tattoos.. they all want tattoos but this is the closest thing they will get to them in a while.. well according to adam till their 16th bday when he takes them..

so anywho short of the long these were adams fathers day gifts!


update on update...

so i know yesterday or i said psychologist... tells you were my brain was.. it was pediatric neurologist...

d is doing ok.. just not the same lil man that we are used to .. he is having an extremely hard time adjusting to change right now..

we got the final diagnosis... no aspergers.. no sensory processing.. dylan is my lil man who is so strong and goes through so much.. d is fully autistic they determined.. next step from her.. is even more and much more intense therapy... he also has a ton of medical tests to go through.. i will keep everyone updated. but he is set to have an mri and an eeg this month.. he just got through with 6blood test and not a single tear or fight.. can you believe that lil man..

and as his reward today we went to "pump it up" and jumped and jumped and jumped!

so thats it...
adam has 2 prospective jobs... lets cross our fingers tomorrow is a second interview for a union job which in reality would be the best option out there..

and me...
well i am ALMOST caught up with work.. ok.. almost is the key word. .but closer than i was a few days ago!

so happy thursday evening.. its so close to the weekend.. and what does that mean.. to me not much of a change from the week.. but hey.. its the weekend.. lets party!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

wish us luck

we need luck on a few fronts

a.) adam and a job
b.) dylan has a psychologist meeting today
c.) that we can come out of this funk our lil family is stuck in