Tuesday, July 28, 2009


this made me so happy and so sad at the same time..
i had to do miss marley's 3rd b-day shoot..

oh man alive can this thing be any cuter...she just melts my heart, but it makes me so sad seeing my baby so grown..

but how can one be sad when you look at these pictures!!!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

how does one....

remember to breathe...

i really need to listen to myself.. and take some time...
i will..
i have to..

well for now.. doing this little entry is my "breathing" time... im so busy with work.. that i have neglected the one thing that lets me take a break, time to breathe and reflect...

enough of that.. now back to the daily grind


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Step Up To Autism Walk - June 28, 2009

Sorry for the delay in post.. I just wanted to post when I had all facts in order and pictures up..

once again..

One Sunday June 28th we walked in honor of my little man Dylan... we created a team called "TEAM BIG D" the walk was for supporting "Little Friends" a school for children with special needs, especially Autism.

As a team.. TEAM BIG D raised $1600.00 for "Little Friends"
and after the walk we had a bbq/fundraiser at our house... to thank everyone and to get a few more for all of the amazing outlets out there for the support in Autism.

At our "little" (i say that delicately) bbq we raised an additonal $500.00 for the ASA "Autism Sociecty of America"

We had such a great team of walkers.. it was a beautiful day.. and we could not have done it without any of the help and support of our family and friends..

A special thanks so LORI from "Lori's Place, Gourmet Delights" she came through with some AMAZING donations... she donated 100cookies for our guests as their "thank you presents" and they turned out... well lets just say I cried when I opened the box.. they were perfect and they had such meaning to them. She made puzzle pieces with words of inspiration on them... for those of you who know.. the PUZZLE PIECE is the symbol for Autism Awareness.. and the words of "hope" "dream" & "inspiration" all embody everything that children with autism stand for! She also made hand*prints with hearts on them.. a sign of advocacy..

A LOT of time and effort.. and mostly HEART went into these cookies.. and I cannot thank her enough... so one way.. I figured we can thank her.. is by telling all of you.. not only about her wonderful heart.. but HOW AMAZING of a baker she is..
please visit her online bakery here: LORIS PLACE

Below are some pictures from the walk... we had a team of 30 walkers.. followed by 100 friends and family throughout the day.. all in all.. SIMPLY AN AMAZING AND MEMORABLE DAY!!!

I cannot tell you how much it means that you all came out in support of Dylan... its been a long uphill battle.. and he has grown so much.. but honestly we as a family could not get through all of these challenges that we face on a day to day basis if it was not for the love and support and backbone of our family and friends.. so thank you thank you thank you.. i love each and every one of you!


Friday, July 3, 2009

so you wanna see how my days have been spent...

we have been attacked by a killer stomach bug.. we have been confined to our house.. and thats it.. i have a bottle of tissue and a garbage bag in one hand and a bottle of lysol in the other at all times its seems...

my kids are such opposites when they are sick.. marley hides and goes on the couch upstairs... dylan likes to lay on the hard floor and snuggle with tons of blankets.. while sierra.. she likes to write stories.. (i think she is secretly writing her life memoirs)



Thursday, July 2, 2009

wahhhh.... my baby.. my baby... why is she growing up?

i've been a little in denial lately.. my baby is growing up and its totally killing me..

in 2days she went from pure baby: diapers, pacifier and letting me hold her to go to sleep... to....... a big girl with no pacifier and no diapers...

whats a girl to do...

remember this is how my days were filled and i ate up every second of it:

and well this is now how my days are spent (i will prob. get in trouble from her in a few years for posting it.. but oh well.. ill deal with that at the time):


nothing a little water won't wash away

that's all i kept telling myself as i let the kids paint adam's father's day present...
but OOPS... well water didn't take it off of the cement patio.. and our gift was found out by adam when we had to explain why there were little green handprints on the patio..

but he LOVED his present so much that he forgave us! and you ask what were we painting... well we bought him finally a set of "bags" and it not only turned out to be a great gift.. but it turned out to be a great time for my kids!