Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a very important message while heading into the new year...

Let me first say... Happy New Year..

Secondly I wanted to bring attention to an important cause in my life. Last year I started an organization to help children with neurological disorders.. these disorders can range anywhere from downs syndrome, autism, tourettes, epilepsy, huntingtons disease, brain tumors and many others.

As we all know medical care is hard to get let alone it is very expensive.. tons of care equipment and medical bills are not covered by insurance. Which is where the organization comes into play.

Last year we honored 7 amazing young men all with autism. This year we are cutting the numbers down to help them greater... we are choosing 5 children. We are currently accepting nomination letters. Letters are to be a max of 500 words and must include the childs name, disorder, why they deserve to be chosen along with a contact number and email address of the parents of the nominee. Letters must be turned in by Feb. 1st 2011.

If you are also interested in becoming part of the team that will help organize this years event please feel free to email me also.
We are always in desperate need of donations for the raffles and silent auctions.

If you would like to see more of what we did last year please visit the website: http://benefit4neurodiversity.blogspot.com/

and also please "like" us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Celebrating-Neuro-Diversity/129670580429404

Thank you so much for your time... and I hope that you can pass this letter around so we can open up the eyes and hearts of others!

Sam Provenzano

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Everything

from my family to yours!

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

cookie party

some of our oldest friends came over for a mommy & daughter cookie decorating party
we premade some cookies and frosting and let the girls go at it..

i even let them get a sneak peak at the cake ball recipe and technique
it was a great time to spend with my girls and our friends
i think we found a christmas tradtion the perfect way to start the season!


Friday, December 17, 2010

lucky me again

this year i was so lucky to stick to my guns and do more of these little hero's pictures..
ryan is a special one...

reminds me of my dylan..
his mom and i were friends in high school
we lost touch and found eachother again
we started talking and had so much in common
then we find out we have blondies the same age..
as time goes on we find out that our lil men not only look alike
they both have autism...

my heart broke as she told me the news.. but i knew all would be ok..
and thankfully our paths crossed and i was able to meet mr. ryan..
and even though supposedly he didn't like to have his picture taken (wink wink)
he did an amazing job!!!

so please sit back.. turn those speakers on and meet ryan!

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meet super jack

i still get to do my favorite thing and volunteer and provide free photography for children who has a number of different kinds of medical conditions..

i was destined to meet super jack.. comes to find out the world is smaller than we know and that we have too many connections its so odd that our paths never crossed before..

but for those of you who may not know super jack.. he is an amazing 5yr old who has lukemia.. but he is kicking it in the butt.. and doing it with the best personality.. along with his twin sister they take on the world..

take a second turn your speakers on and meet JACK.. my newest favorite lil man

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thanksgiving day pictures

got nothing good to put.. lol..
it was just one of those days..
was at the RMH all day before volunteering... so it was a nice quiet relaxing day at my sisters..
kids love dressing up..
d got a tie
si got a new dress

(score on both of them i think i got both at old navy for a total of 7.50 during one of their super mega sales)
and moo had to wear her famous turkey dress that she had modeled for "pickles & co."

enjoy.. aren't they getting HUGE!!!

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Ronald McDonald House - WishList Drive & Children's Memorial Hero's Drive

everyone knows my passion lies in giving back.. i know i don't have the funds to give everything in the world.. but i do have my time and my drive...

every year i have chosen a charity and have either collected money, did a silent auction or raised awareness to different non-profits. last year i found the ronald mcdonald house of lincoln park. i adore children's memorial and all that they do and i wanted to do something that was connected to them but was in the back burner..

last year was so amazing that we did it again this year.. my goal was to make it bigger and better.. and well with the help of my friends (who are pretty damn amazing) we were able to make it HUGE.. we had 3 schools involved, a daisy troop, local neighbors, coworkers and buisnesses were all involved..

and we added a CHILDRENS MEMORIAL HEROS DRIVE - we collected toys, books and music.. along with hats, bows and headbands for the kids on the hemo (cancer floor) we also had a ton of amazing people come through and SEW, KNIT, MAKE & BUY blankets for the kids who are going through chemo and become a bit cold during the process..

it was such an overhwleming experience we were able to give so much... people's jaws were dropping to the floor.. such a great moment..just made me start thinking about next year and what we can do to make it BIGGER and BETTER again...

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missed you......

sorry.. im such a bad blogger.. i always tell myself get back to it.. it helps you remember who you are..
well the rush of life has slowed down just in time for me to kick back and relax and ENJOY the holiday season!

lots of change has been happening here..
but i am hoping in the long run it may turn out for the better..
but as of right now it causes nothing but stress.. and stress = sam who doesnt want to talk

but adam is starting a new job... a new job that should have a better chance of him getting closer to home.. but not for a year or so.. and better chance at advancement.. but for now he is working a little more than an hour or so and working second shift 3-11pm... which means he will not see the kids most weekdays... but in the summer atleast he will have some good time with him.

so thats whats new with me.. whats new with you.. ill update in pictures soon... for right now its friday night.. and during the holidays that means baking and crafting night..

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Friday, October 1, 2010

wanna know another secret... well this is for the kids

the latest coolest thing to have.. are these customized pieces by: stacey m designs she can customiz and make notecards, stationary, christmas cards, placemats, chore charts.. and my favorite.. SCHOOL MONEY ENVELOPES

once again... LUCKY ME.. because she is a local artists.. but I dont have to be the only lucky one anymore.. she is online HERE and is in a few boutiques around the US... take a look... get some great holiday gift.. what kid doesn't love things personalized it makes it feel even more special!!

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i have to tell you a new secret of mine...

i have found a new love..
and her name is hazel brown...

don't believe me???

have you seen this stuff

her clothing.. her handbags.. are all TO DIE FOR.. she is a local mom in my town.. how lucky am i?!!? BUT you can order online she has an amazing website and etsy shop that you can purchase from..

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marley's minnie mouse birthday

 so i finally have a free minute...
life has been chaotic but in a great way.. keeping busy never hurt anyone..
in the meantime.. it was moo's 4th bday... and we had a minnie 
mouse blowout.. she was sick.. booooooooo
but i hope she enjoyed it

i did minnie mouse cake pops.. a la bakerella.. however i tripped and broke 36 of them on the ground the night before.. i had minnie & mickey cookie favors.. a candy bar.. and tons of other little details..