Monday, March 30, 2009

no its not going to be an april fools joke..

im going to try and go computerless on april 1st.. the start to a new sam..
im going to start only being on the computer 4 out of 7 days.. and i am going to start a new diet/walking living plan..

anyone with me??

i may need some moral support and the ever so often swift kick in the tush if im not following my own rules..

i am a sucker for all things bad for you.. so this will take some getting used too.. but by my 10th anniv to my beloved hubby.. i will be in the best shape of my life so we CAN take that trip to Hawaii and i WILL want to go in the water and not be ashamed...

so c'mon y'all throw some support my way.. im thinking mid 2009 is the perfect time for me to start thinking and taking care of me.. what do you think??


Sunday, March 29, 2009

d's day out at the volo auto museum

place.. we had fun.. he got to have a hot dog and nachos before going in.. and then had a great time with Daddy while I did my photoshoot.. after the 3 of us hung out looked at the cars.. went outside in the 20degree weather.. and just lived it up.. he got to pick a car out.. he chose a "forner" buick (anything yellow he calls forner like the transformer bumblebee)and then he chose to go to chilis.. anywho it was a great day through and through.. great to focus on one child at a time.. we rarely get to do that and it was such a treat!



trust me people..

so i told my husband since day one of moving here.. that there is an animal in our house...

NOOOOOO he never believed me, then last night i hear this animal and its little hands all night long i swear he was building an apartment complex above my bedroom..

finally adam says you know i saw some shingles all messed up on the roof this morning.. really.. no way.. i told you that!!

and so he decided to look in the attic much to me telling him.. dont worry about looking i just KNOW there is one there.. the old man put the flashlight on the beast.. and he jumped down the ladder screaming "oh sh** oh sh**" it was hilarious..

so now what to do.. the city won't take it out of the attic... the neighbor wants to take it... lol..

off to find a way to move my friendly nighttime creature out of my house!!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

so mixing a little buisness with pleasure

it was a day that was filled with 100% YUCK outside.. so we had to find a place inside.. well it was a little drive.. but i hope these kids had as much fun as my big D did..

anywho how freakin cute.. and flashback to the past

more to come soon.


Friday, March 27, 2009

10:50 and a pot of coffee brewing...

why?? im not too sure myself. I got motivated to paint Big D's room... so guess what i will be doing for a few more hours.. i will post results once i have it all put together.. too many ideas in my head...

we are going for a vintage cowboy look.. im contemplating getting some knotty pine and putting it up as a sort of crown molding.. hmmm... anyone else have any other ideas.. adam was saying getting some thick lasso type of rope and trimming the ceiling but im not too keen on that idea.. the room is a leathery brown color.. knotty pine bunk bed.. bedding is that dark barn red with some brown cow print and denim.. i have a few barn stars... but think i need something else to give it that rustic feel..

so im asking all my friends out there in internet ville.. THROW ME IDEAS!!



ahh springtime in illinois

dontcha love it... its going to be snowing this weekend...
oh joy!! doesn't mother nature understand that my people want outside pretty pictures.. come now.. all i ask is a few nice days on the weekend is that too much to ask, it always seems that the most gorgeous days of the week is a thursday... why play those tricks on us.. seems so unfair.. you know she's up there laughing at all of us down here...

well momma nature.. im gonna beg one last time... PLEASEEEEEEEEEE can you atleast make easter weekend pretty???


Thursday, March 26, 2009

sooo.... whatcha readin??

if you know me.. you know that i adore reading blogs.. i get such inspiration from others.. im always looking for some new and interesting things to read.. but incase you are you are looking for some new and interesting sites here is some of my favorite.. please leave me some ideas or links in the comment section.. i would love to read your blog or your favorite blog!

decorating/craft and personal blogs:

lake county saver

Greatest Expectations Special Events and Weddings, Inc

retro momma

the sincere life

the spaces between your heart and mine

Little Window Shoppe


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a sneak peek at my walls

so i finally have walls without windows so i had to take advantage.. and do a wall gallery that i am always telling my clients about..

i loved that my kids cooperated and finally allowed me to take pictures of all 3 of them together.. and sad but true.. i haven't taken a single picture of them since and these were taken back in January


step up for autism walk..

We have started to make our team... You know you want to be a part of TEAM BIG D


anyone would walks and/or donates $25.00 or more will automatically receive a $50.00 gift certificate/print credit from Samantha Provenzano Photography

Walk is: June 28, 2009 at 9:30am in Naperville

if you want to know a little bit more about Big D here is a video posted at the ..he really is quiet possibly the coolest lil man out there..

and i know a few people can let you know the same thing!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

we all can use a little freebie every now and then.. so here are some of my fun finds

I recently discovered this 2009 Bird Calendar that you can download and print for free! Isn’t it beautiful? Not only does this make a lovely calendar, once you have finished with each month you can simply trim off the bottom half, and frame the illustrations to display at home.

To grab your own, visit: Mibo and sign up for their newsletter to receive this free pdf download.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

one of the best perks...

I swear... is watching families grow.. I love it.. I have seen this family since the little man was just turning 2.. and now he is a big brother to a gorgeous little sister.. she is so sweet.. and looks like mommy is so in love.. and well of course I had to get the infamous Mr. Hobbs in the picture too.. see if you can find out who Mr. Hobbs is.. Thanks so much Sonya & Frank!!