Sunday, July 8, 2007

Another weekend over with

this heat is just plain silly... well today was a bit wearing.. but in the end turned out to be a ton of fun... had a fabulous maternity session this morning... came home all kids tried to sleep... the house was ridiculously hot... left to go to my evening session at the beach... we both got their early... worked out great -- awesome family who just went with the flow! got done in like 20min and me and my family went a stayed at the beach for 2hrs till they closed and kicked us out! The kids simply love the beach... marley loves to eat the beach -- dylan was hilarious he did probally about 35 cartwheels in a row all the way down the sand.. when he learned to do that Im not sure all I know is I was laughing so loud that everyone was staring at me...

oh update on my lovely "sam" tan... yeah im blistering..give it a few days of being red and so sore it cant be touched then my freckles will come out and there my folks we will then have the "sam" tan!