Wednesday, August 13, 2008

update on life pt 5.5

so i cant think of a better title for an update other than "update"
things are going good
knock on wood i think the funk is over
but im not going to say it too loud
i think adam being off for a month
was a blessing in disguise.. sure it is hard financially
we got dylan on a schedule we are able to spend ton of one on one time with him
and you can see our little man is coming back and full force
his vocabulary over the past week has exploded..
we tell him hey "WHO ARE YOU!?!?" in amazement and he just looks at us like um.. duh! and says "DYLAN ZANO!!"

adam started his job.. he likes it allot but the hours are still messing with his head.. but on the plus side he is getting more sleep now than ever before he found these amazing miracle earplugs and the boy doesnt hear a thing even with breaking dishes and all the kids screaming at once..

sierra is way pumped for school to start.. she just was in her closet for the past hour picking out her outfits for the first week of school! so funny.. she is such a tween its scary!!

marley.. is so funny.. she's starting to sing and dance all the time.. we are working hard on getting her to expand her vocab too.. but she has these 2 older ones who speak for her. so i am hoping with them going back to school that she will begin to use her words more...

but we try to make her repeat us..
i make her repeat colors with me
and she does the sweetest thing ever..
i she says red
purple.. purple
green.. green
yellow... yellow..

i say ORANGE... she says JUICE
i say it again and she says very sternly and gives me the stink eye JUICE!

isnt that the best
me.. update.. still about 4-5days behind on work schedule.. i dont know when i am going to catch up but soon hopefully!
ok thats it..

oops cant post without some pictures .. let me find some..
here we go from 2 weeks ago my kids and their cousins doing a shoot for the grandparents.. i think.. i hope.. lets just say i need to remember to print them!


Ariana August 13, 2008 at 6:08 PM  

I am so happy to hear things are going better for you guys! Oh my gosh the orange---juice thing is funny!

Adorable pictures as always! I love the matching outfits.

monyeen,  August 14, 2008 at 12:06 AM  

so soooooo happy to hear that good news. your post sounded "perky"
and orange JUICE is tooo funny