Thursday, November 27, 2008

a wonderful thanksgiving morning gift from zoe's family to all of you have helped over the past month...

Thank you Sam. Thank you to all of everyone. I hope this is ok:

It’s 11:57 on Thanksgiving Eve. Zoe is awake and we’ve done some singing but her tubes are keeping her from doing much except look through a single unswollen eye. To explain to you how happy I am to see a single unswollen eye…well, that might not make it through translation.

Every year for a long time – I think back to college – I’ve made Thanksgiving cards for everyone I know just to tell them how grateful I am that they are in my life. That they have suffered with me, suffered me. It’s my single favorite time of the year.

This year I can’t make the cards. And if I could, I couldn’t make it through making the cards. Wind in my face.

Can you see the wind? Jesus asks. No, but you can see the effects of it. And maybe even without you all knowing it, maybe even without you all even wanting to, you have been Jesus to me. Jesus to me, tonight. On Thanksgiving Eve. A wind of kindness and generosity I cannot deny or explain. Undeserved love. Proof that there is something more than a dreary world, proof that Zoe is more than 10 lbs of carbon. Jesus to my family, sacrificing of yourself for someone else. A stranger.

What you have done is something that will be told to my children – Zoe and her 7 brothers and sister - and their children and theirs. Generations will know the generosity of strangers and the moment you touched eternity with your care. Please accept that truth as my thank you.

-gb Zoe’s Dad.