Monday, December 1, 2008

its been a while since i shared a recent shoot..

well here are my last 3 in the past week..

enjoy.. ill start you off with the tiniest doll like girl i have ever seen..she totally just makes me giggle

next is a family.. with 2 little men.. that even though we have a little family rivalry.. YEA you know what im about to say.. THEY ARE SOX FANS... i thought they were sweet enough for me to continue taking their pictures.. and well they let me practice my spongeboob trivia..and sorry mom and dad for making you listen to my fabulous singing voice!!!

last is one of my bff's kids :) i am so lucky to have known these 2 little munchkins.. well..since before they were even a lil sparkle in their mommy & daddy's eyes... they were brave enough to go outside with me when it was 23 degrees out.. but man alive you cannot tell..