Wednesday, December 10, 2008

yes i do have other children.. but given the chance.. i am eating her up

i know i talk about moo allot.. well that's bc
a.) she is my baby
b.) i feel like i have missed so much of her bc i have been working nonstop since she was born where as the others i was 100% fulltime momma..
c.) come on she entertains me so..

anywho.. since i have december off (well as off as it can be i am still working but not hardcore as i was) i have been loving every minute of moo.. she is a laugh riot and has the most awesome personality in the whole wide world.. in a large group she gets quiet but let there be 1-5 people around her.. well then the world is her circus ring and she is the center act... and another question answered.. YES the camera is always at an arms reach with me and my kids..

anywho here's a snippet of afternoon play with my lil princess