Sunday, November 30, 2008


from her families blog..

Zoe just went back down to PICU...not breathing well, renal is going down...please pray.
Posted by Batiansila News Service at 8:48 AM "


Saturday, November 29, 2008

well its official im ahead of the game this year..

yup.. thats correct my friend..
i actually was able to create.. print.. and mail out all of my holiday cards already!!!


Friday, November 28, 2008

REMEMBER.. only a few more days for your chance to make someone's holidays a little brighter

please remember to email in your NOMINATIONS!!!

click here if you dont know what i am talking about.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

my thanksgiving wish came true..

miss lil zoe's tube was removed.. she is pink.. momma can hold her and she is breathing on her own..

what more could anyone want...

click here to follow her story...
there are some picture.. man alive is she gorgeous!!


a wonderful thanksgiving morning gift from zoe's family to all of you have helped over the past month...

Thank you Sam. Thank you to all of everyone. I hope this is ok:

It’s 11:57 on Thanksgiving Eve. Zoe is awake and we’ve done some singing but her tubes are keeping her from doing much except look through a single unswollen eye. To explain to you how happy I am to see a single unswollen eye…well, that might not make it through translation.

Every year for a long time – I think back to college – I’ve made Thanksgiving cards for everyone I know just to tell them how grateful I am that they are in my life. That they have suffered with me, suffered me. It’s my single favorite time of the year.

This year I can’t make the cards. And if I could, I couldn’t make it through making the cards. Wind in my face.

Can you see the wind? Jesus asks. No, but you can see the effects of it. And maybe even without you all knowing it, maybe even without you all even wanting to, you have been Jesus to me. Jesus to me, tonight. On Thanksgiving Eve. A wind of kindness and generosity I cannot deny or explain. Undeserved love. Proof that there is something more than a dreary world, proof that Zoe is more than 10 lbs of carbon. Jesus to my family, sacrificing of yourself for someone else. A stranger.

What you have done is something that will be told to my children – Zoe and her 7 brothers and sister - and their children and theirs. Generations will know the generosity of strangers and the moment you touched eternity with your care. Please accept that truth as my thank you.

-gb Zoe’s Dad.


Monday, November 24, 2008

please keep zoe & her family in everyone's hearts and minds..

tomorrow is her surgery.. today they are in doing the final testing and meeting with the doctors..

in the words of her daddy to me...
"Right now, just keep hoping and praying"


Sunday, November 23, 2008

want to do something special for someone else.. if so.. please keep reading

so its that time of year... actually it shouldn't be that way.. but we all know that the holiday season brings it out in all of us... the time when we start to think of others...

so unlike my end of the year contests before.. this one is going to have a very special and meaningful prize...

i am asking YOU to nominate a person who deserves a portrait session. This person can be old/young.. married/divorced... if the economy is hurting them...healthy/ill... someone you know/ or someone you personally do not know, but know of

now for the rules

*You need to write a brief letter explaining to me who you are nominating and why you think they deserve to have a session
*email entries by no later than December 1, 2008 to
*Winning session will take place between March - April 2008.
*Winner will recieve a FREE portrait session, a CD of 25 images and a 5x7 portrait of each picture on the CD
*Winning letter will be judged by a group of my closest photographer friends..

have a wonderful Holiday Week!!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

what an amazing.. moving and beauitful year!!.. so THANK YOU ALL!!!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

incase you are bored house is bombarded with illness and the weather is yuk.. so why would you want to see some pictures of the kiddos carving their pumpkins..

actually dylan turned out to be the photographer this day.. he wanted nothing to do with the whole taking out the guts n stuff.. so he took my camera and i think he did a pretty damn good job!! takes after his momma.. sierra on the other hand we told her she was old enough now to help in the dirty jobs.. she was gagging.. but hey she did it!!


Friday, November 14, 2008

wanna see what i got for my anniv..

well yes..

and well.. i guess my adam too..
8years of wedded insanity

here we are on our wedding day 11.11.00
like my wedding gown.. can't beat jeans and sweater topped off by a trip to wendy's across from city hall downtown.. ahh those were the days..


to my gift this year
i always give adam what seems like a hard time bc he never wears his wedding band.. well im one to talk i never wear mine either but thats bc im not one for jewelry..
but he CANNOT wear his to work or he risks loosing a finger..

look what i woke up to on tuesday morning

yup.. now if that isnt commitment i dont know what is...
he tattooed a wedding ring on..
man alive do i love him
and its true.. but i love him more today than i did yesterday and every morning when i wake up and anticipate him coming home from work just so i can peek out of the window and said good morning and thank just reassures me that i made the right decision..and that we have concquered our lil world.. just the 2 of us..


some hidden treasures

i know i dont often enough get to go through my family pictures
i take them
and a ton of them.. but you would never know.. bc no one ever sees them.. i never open them up..

well today i was done editing for the week.. and decided to work on some of my own holiday gifts.. and i came across these hidden treasures..

they are from mother's day I took my mom along with the girls up to holland, michigan for the tulip festival...

maybe its a good thing i found these now.. i appreciate them so much more looking back then when i just get home...

so here are few

enjoy.. the blog will be getting a much needed overhauling in the next few weeks.. along with a HUGE overview of the year...I haven't posted client pictures in forever it seems!!


Thank you all so much

so the outpouring was amazing...
i simply cannot even think of any words to thank you.. to show you the appreciation.. to tell you how in awe i am...

so i guess these 2 words.. basically sum it up... but cannot even compare to be enough..