Friday, December 17, 2010

Ronald McDonald House - WishList Drive & Children's Memorial Hero's Drive

everyone knows my passion lies in giving back.. i know i don't have the funds to give everything in the world.. but i do have my time and my drive...

every year i have chosen a charity and have either collected money, did a silent auction or raised awareness to different non-profits. last year i found the ronald mcdonald house of lincoln park. i adore children's memorial and all that they do and i wanted to do something that was connected to them but was in the back burner..

last year was so amazing that we did it again this year.. my goal was to make it bigger and better.. and well with the help of my friends (who are pretty damn amazing) we were able to make it HUGE.. we had 3 schools involved, a daisy troop, local neighbors, coworkers and buisnesses were all involved..

and we added a CHILDRENS MEMORIAL HEROS DRIVE - we collected toys, books and music.. along with hats, bows and headbands for the kids on the hemo (cancer floor) we also had a ton of amazing people come through and SEW, KNIT, MAKE & BUY blankets for the kids who are going through chemo and become a bit cold during the process..

it was such an overhwleming experience we were able to give so much... people's jaws were dropping to the floor.. such a great moment..just made me start thinking about next year and what we can do to make it BIGGER and BETTER again...

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