Friday, December 17, 2010

missed you......

sorry.. im such a bad blogger.. i always tell myself get back to it.. it helps you remember who you are..
well the rush of life has slowed down just in time for me to kick back and relax and ENJOY the holiday season!

lots of change has been happening here..
but i am hoping in the long run it may turn out for the better..
but as of right now it causes nothing but stress.. and stress = sam who doesnt want to talk

but adam is starting a new job... a new job that should have a better chance of him getting closer to home.. but not for a year or so.. and better chance at advancement.. but for now he is working a little more than an hour or so and working second shift 3-11pm... which means he will not see the kids most weekdays... but in the summer atleast he will have some good time with him.

so thats whats new with me.. whats new with you.. ill update in pictures soon... for right now its friday night.. and during the holidays that means baking and crafting night..

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