Sunday, March 29, 2009

trust me people..

so i told my husband since day one of moving here.. that there is an animal in our house...

NOOOOOO he never believed me, then last night i hear this animal and its little hands all night long i swear he was building an apartment complex above my bedroom..

finally adam says you know i saw some shingles all messed up on the roof this morning.. really.. no way.. i told you that!!

and so he decided to look in the attic much to me telling him.. dont worry about looking i just KNOW there is one there.. the old man put the flashlight on the beast.. and he jumped down the ladder screaming "oh sh** oh sh**" it was hilarious..

so now what to do.. the city won't take it out of the attic... the neighbor wants to take it... lol..

off to find a way to move my friendly nighttime creature out of my house!!!