Thursday, July 10, 2008

update on update...

so i know yesterday or i said psychologist... tells you were my brain was.. it was pediatric neurologist...

d is doing ok.. just not the same lil man that we are used to .. he is having an extremely hard time adjusting to change right now..

we got the final diagnosis... no aspergers.. no sensory processing.. dylan is my lil man who is so strong and goes through so much.. d is fully autistic they determined.. next step from her.. is even more and much more intense therapy... he also has a ton of medical tests to go through.. i will keep everyone updated. but he is set to have an mri and an eeg this month.. he just got through with 6blood test and not a single tear or fight.. can you believe that lil man..

and as his reward today we went to "pump it up" and jumped and jumped and jumped!

so thats it...
adam has 2 prospective jobs... lets cross our fingers tomorrow is a second interview for a union job which in reality would be the best option out there..

and me...
well i am ALMOST caught up with work.. ok.. almost is the key word. .but closer than i was a few days ago!

so happy thursday evening.. its so close to the weekend.. and what does that mean.. to me not much of a change from the week.. but hey.. its the weekend.. lets party!


Ariana July 11, 2008 at 8:33 AM  

Well, I'm happy you guys have a diagnosis so you'll know how to go forward with your lil man. I can't believe he did so well with the blood test, yay!

How are you feeling with all this news?