Saturday, July 12, 2008

3/4 the way done on adam's tattoo journey..

so it started out last year as a saying on the side of his arm "us vs the world" something he has always said to me, since we were super young parents.. and it has always stuck.. he writes it in all my cards... next he went for the koi fish.. why bc it stands for strength and persaverance... something which this man totally is! next... it was time to finish up the other half of sleeve... he wanted to do something to represent the family.... so we sat for many restless nights trying to figure it out... he has a japanese theme going on.. i wrecked my brain for I cannot tell you how long... we came up with 2 large cherry blossoms to represent the 2 of us... 3 small blossoms to represent each one of our kids.. and then 2 falling petals for the 2 babies that we lost.

a month passed and adam wanted to finish his sleeve... he was given the opportunity to do it at a tattoo expo which he did not want to turn down. they wanted to enter it into the contest. so once again the wrecking of the brain.. what can we do... adam had already had "man, marriage, father" in kangi symbols since he was 20... so something again with a japanese flair...

he thought of tigers, dragon... and said i just dont want your "basic" japanese symbol... so I said what about a geisha... i know support the prostitute everyone said to me... but I think there is a classic beauty to the way they look. so a geisha it was... his tattoo guy Beto from Rising Pheonix/Monkey Pro Ink.. is amazing he drew it all up and started. it was an 8hour journey.. something Adam said he will never do again (8hrs straight that is) but he did such an amazing job! so of course while there.. they all started thinking about how to finish it all up... so looks like in another month.. he will be getting a japanese house a sunset and some more water!

here are some pictures just so you can see... but it really truly is an amazing piece of art.. i know its not for everyone but.. he loves it.. i love it.. and really thats all that matters.. its personal and represents all of us.. and to me thats amazing that a man is willing to do that!


Ariana July 12, 2008 at 12:11 PM  

That's so cool. I love that he had you be a huge part of the process.

The flower one looks so awesome.