Monday, January 4, 2010

results of the ronald mcdonald house wishlist drive

so of you may remember those of you who are new to my blog may not. Back in the fall my family and I hosted a wishlist drive for the Ronald McDonald House of Chicago next to Childrens Memorial Hospital. with donations in general to the house down due to the economy.. i know this was the perfect charity for this year. and boy were we right...

family, friends, strangers, coworkers.. soooooo many people came through to help this amazing place. when we arrived we were not sure exactly what we would encounter... we walk into their food pantry and all that was in there were some old dried goods and few rolls of paper towels. by the time my husband emptied out the van.. the food pantry was overflowed and people were coming up to us left and right asking how we did this... and my answer "we know some pretty amazing people"

not only was our goal to do the drive.. but we wanted to cook a thanksgiving dinner for them as well...unfortunately all of our helpers came down with the flu (tis the season) and it was just me and the hubster.. but we did not let that get in our way... instead of thanksgiving we catered portilios and made some side salads and stuff.. which was still quiet the time consuming task figuring it was the 2 of us getting everything ready for 30+ people at dinner time.

we had some great donations for the dinner too... the amazing Richelle Minor of "My Rich Creations" came through once again with an AMAZING cake for the families to lift their spirits all of them were oohing and ahhing over it and could not believe that in words of one of the moms "you did this just because?!? i cant thank you enough"

another wonderful donation was given by Banger Bake Shop she donated 40 cupcakes in a jar for the house members, staff, volunteers so they could have a sweet treat throughout the days.

sorry for the lack of pictures it was initially my goal to capture everything.. but within an hour of getting to the house and starting the food.. their was a leak in the ceiling... and it was the night before thanksgiving the maintance staff went home early.. thankfully my husband is a mechanic.. and he spent some time with the house manager trying to fix and clean up the mess... so needless to say cooking, cleaning and photography all could not happen at once.

once again i want to personally thank all of the people who helped, donated and went above and beyond! i am sooooooo lucky to know so many amazing people!

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Anonymous,  January 4, 2010 at 1:29 PM  

Incredible Sam and Adam! I am so happy to know you.

Love, Rashelle