Tuesday, January 5, 2010

medical vent time... need advice

so what comes with a new job? great opportunity and great perfect new hours.. but insurance issues. we are switching from an ppo to an hmo and that is making it all the more difficult... they said after 90days you are eligible for insurance.. well lucky us.. 90days came and went but open enrollment was closed till the first of the year. insurance cards were to be in our hands before the first and start on the 1st... well its now the 5th and no insurance cards... and the HR person at his job is on vacation... so that leave us without insurance still... usually not that big of a deal..


dylan is set to have a neurologist appointment on friday that usually takes 3months to get into his doctor... sure no biggie lets wait and pray for friday they will be here.. WRONG..

we have to get a referral from his pediatrician... who accepts HMO but only certain group #'s... which we do not have access to bc of the NO cards and the NO HR...

so i call to reschedule and the next appointment opening isn't till FEB 19th...
do i just reschedule that... or what?!?!?

i need some guidance and some help... UGH...

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RollerCoaster January 5, 2010 at 2:34 PM  

I believe your neuro is also my neuro and I cannot believe that you can't explain that to them so they can squeeze you in sooner even if it is at a different location. If not, then take the appt. on Feb. 19. Call the company and ask to speak to someone immediately since HR is out on vacay. Certainly someone else can help you....right?

And...since we are supposed to see Neuro in March, me thinks I will be calling to schedule my appt. in the next day or two.

shell please January 5, 2010 at 2:55 PM  

what you have to do is look up the insurance company's phone number and call their customer service line. they can look you up by adam's ss# and will be able to tell that you're covered. then, you can request that they call your peds office and speak to the referral nurse. the insurance company will give him/her all proof of insurance needed in order for her to process the referral through whatever system he/she uses. i used to do this for a living...as long as the insurance company shows you're covered on their end, then it's totally possible to get to your appt on friday. good luck!