Thursday, February 11, 2010

i can always count on her

being big sister to dylan is HARD work i tell ya..
really hard work.. you have to be 100% understanding... you have to be able to help your momma out... you have to know what it takes to calm down your big brother.. and you also have to know how to protect your little sister from big brother dylan at times.

and the one who has stepped up to the plate.. and sometimes i forget to thank her.. is miss sierra...

and well this past weekend she surprised me again...
the kids received tickets to disney on ice from their pipa for their christmas present... the minute we walked in dylan "shut down"
he wanted nothing to do with the place..
the first 15minutes while waiting for the show to start dylan and daddy stayed at the top of the stairs by the usher.. i then went over to him when the show started and daddy went back by the girls...

well 2minutes into the lights being shut off and we were kicked out by the security... so then we were told we needed to find the head of ticket sales..
IT TOOK 15minutes to find one... then they lead us to the side of the theater.. where you cannot see anything and said you can sit here.. i thought it would be fine.. DARK, NO ONE AROUND.... was i wrong.. dylan spent the whole first half laying limp on me...

HE DIDN'T SEE ANY OF THE 1ST HALF.. neither did i...
at intermission daddy and i switched...

and sierra proceeds to tell me.. mommy i took your camera and took pictures bc i figured you didn't see any of it.. and i really know how much you love the princesses..

what a loving, smart, kind and amazing soul.. she thought of me before she thought of herself... and so thanks to her i have memories of what she saw through her eyes.. and that brings the biggest smile to my face!!!

she's a special girl... and i should really remind her more often of how much i appreciate her!

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Cyndee February 13, 2010 at 8:15 AM  

Oooh... that is sooo sweet! This posting brought tears to my eyes. She's going to be a great mommy when she grows up. And if those were the pics she took, then it looks like she's had a great teacher because they are just awesome like the ones her mother takes ;) Happy Valentine's Day Sam!


tnkatk4 February 13, 2010 at 8:30 AM  

seriously brought tears to my eyes! you have such a special daughter! and son:)