Thursday, February 25, 2010

the positive side..

so many times you hear the hardships of having a child with "special needs"... and im tired of going that route.. yes life is hard.. we each have our own lil thing that we wish wasn't there.. but then you couldn't imagine your life any different... its those things that help define who we are as people and without those things... life would be to easy.. making us less strong, less knowledgeable, less commited to making a difference... and i am all for all of those...

but i will tell you my most favorite things about dylan's autism and sensory issues:

1.) he is gives the strongest most amazing hugs EVER
2.) he does not like a mess.. therefore i have to try and keep the house as clean as possible so that he will actual play and function and not just sit in a chair and watch tv... this is adams favorite thing.. they all LOVE a clean house
3.) thanks to his ocd cleaning habits as i like to call it.. i never EVER have to clean his room he does it every day.. and MAKES HIS BED EVERY MORNING
4.) we have met some of the most amazing people.. i would have never had the opportunity to meet
5.) he has the best manners... he is a rule follower to the T.. please, thank you, no thank you, yes sir, yes ma'am
6.) he adores puzzles... to me its one of the greatest toys.. he uses his brain... not to mention its kind of time consuming so when i need an extra minute to breathe i just ask him to go and do a puzzle
7.) he loves to go sledding bc the bumps in the snow feel goo to him on his belly -- this is something new we just found out and have been taking advantage of this winter
8.) i am his go to person and for as many times as being his go to person means i get a ton most of the punishment (ie. punching, hitting, kicking, yelling at when he is overwhelmed bc he doesn't know what to do) i think of them as LOVE TAPS.. and i will take those taps from him.. knowing that it makes him feel better.. and that I CAN HELP HIM

thats just a handful of them.. i could go on for hours.. just like i could go on for hours about the girls... these "things" are what make him part of who he is.. and part of who we are as a family...

so maybe today each one of us should try not to dwell on the negative.. and look at the positive side..

i know it just made my day a little brighter!
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Greatest Expectations March 14, 2010 at 3:16 PM  

hey sugar pie - I love your little man and I LOVE all of the positives you posted!! I am so proud to be your friend!

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