Tuesday, January 25, 2011

cheap cheap vday decor...

so i wanted some valentines decorations.. but not that "kitchy" stuff you see in the stores.. but i had to do it on the tinest budget EVER... well basically bc there was no money allowed to even have a budget...

so i search and search the internet for ideas... and then search and look in closets in the house to see what i can make things out of..

and well...
I DID IT!!!!

made some of my own printables and framed them

i took a pizza box.. cut a heart out of it.. found some ribbon left over from moo's bedroom project 2 years ago.. viola..
a gorgeous little heart

a little left over xmas scrapbooking paper..
and what do you know.. its my favorite thing

took some wrapping paper... from target's xmas 90% clearance.. and wrapped my large canvas and then inlayed it in the glass of my tv unit..

went to garden ridge.. and holy amazing christmas clearance.. i found this strand of beads for .29 and this red ornament for .10... viola.. a made over chandelier!

and then.. lucky me.. as im decorating.. my bff comes over and makes it my favorite day ever... she came in hand with a caribou coffee.. some cookies.. and then ups man came and delivered me the most gorgeous new.. BUT FREE canvas ever!!!

all and all.. it was kind of a FAB day!
the simple little things in life that make life a lil bit happier

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