Monday, April 13, 2009

a little safari

so friday.. was a brutal day.. i should have known better considering my shoot was canceled due to the extreme winds.. but does that ever stop me to try and do something.. NO... but then does it always backfire.. YOU KNOW IT..

so we decided to venture out to the zoo on friday.. spur of the moment.. and not such the good idea for my little man.. not telling him and suprising him was not the best idea.. he did not want to go.. he was cold.. and to top it off.. i made him wear the wrong jacket.. OMG.. have you ever put the WRONG jacket on a 4year old crabby patty.. if not i highly recommend that you NEVER do that!

well we were determined and stubborn thinking he would change his mind once he saw the animals.. and we were right. PERFECT around the animals.. then he turns and looks at me.. and WHOA back off woman... complete 180.... the proof is in the pudding (well pictures) that he wanted nothing to do with any human being that day.

so what do i do, when i get overwhelmed and cannot make one of my little beasts happy.. i go on a picture safari.. and leave the crabby patties with the best hubby in the world..

so... enjoy.. and you will see.. why I AM NEVER BEHIND THE CAMERA.. like what you get when you hand the camera off to a complete stranger.. this is how ALL of my family shots are!! CLASSIC


Pam April 14, 2009 at 4:39 PM  

what a fun day. love all of the pictures!