Wednesday, April 22, 2009

tip #5 for earth week... going green in different ways

think about every meal you eat... do you use a napkin, or a few sheets of paper towels? I can vouch that my family on the right day can probally go through an entire roll of paper towels..

NOT VERY GREEN or money concious at that... I also watched Oprah today.. if you did not get a chance to see it this morning.. i strongly suggest that you watch it tonight.. very moving.. not like she gave us any new tips than most of us know.. but she opened my eyes to all of the saddness going on around the world..

did you know there is a GARBAGE SWIRL in the middle of the OCEAN... TWICE the size of TEXAS... it made my heart break in 2.. especially since the ocean is something that touches me near and dear as I was going to school for Marine Biology back in the day...

so...on to the tip


-i think this is a great option.. I think my kids will get a kick out of fun fabrics (I know you can get some great deals at walmart for a 1.00/yard) I myself currently have TONS of stock fabrics Im going to make some for meals.. and I am going to stock up on wash cloths for more significant spills and pet messes (target always has a stack of 6 on clearnace every 6 weeks)

so here is a tutorial if you aren't to aware of how to sew a napkin..