Monday, April 6, 2009

wow.. i received an email from someone who remembered me from an angel

and the angel they remember is Brianna..
in the email.. she asked me about the family, how they were and to thank me once again for sharing Brianna's story..

wow.. that struck a cord.. not sure how many of you out there remember Brianna.. but she is the reason.. I am who I am today.. and she is the reason I do what I do...

I owe so much to her, just like all my other little angels out there. I was lucky enough to be there when Brianna had her "Wish Day" by the Make a Wish Foundation... Brianna's day was a PARTY... filled with laughter, decorations, balloons, presents, good food, good music and great company.. all those that loved her were present..

and me.. well.. little did she know it at the time.. but I too quickly fell in love with her and her family. the love that poured out.. at the moment i was behind the camera.. i watched it all through a fine magnifying glass... i just clicked and new that i was seeing things that most would not/ could not see... it was not till I got home and opened the images up that I was floored.. I was floored with tears, with heart ache, with love, with sorrow.. it was just so much.. but then I was floored with a strange overwhelming sense of determination... i said to myself "YES YES... this is where I was supposed to be.. this is where I am to be"

and from that moment on.. I knew I wanted to be able to help families to give them a gift that their little angels wanted them to have.. and lucky for me.. I have been able to fulfill that dream.. all in part to Brianna and her family.. here are a few images.. just so that you can feel her ever so present spirit and soul.. im sure she will touch you as much as she has touched myself!



Anonymous,  April 6, 2009 at 8:18 PM keep leaving me in tears lately, woman!

i do remember this precious girl. i remember being a brand new mommy when you posted about her. you are amazing, too, Sam. i know you have your angels and they mean more to you than i could know...your passion for them shows in every snap you shoot and every letter you type about them.

that's what you mean to give me these memories of my babies like no one else can. and you even lend your ear, too. <3 ya!